Seigler SGN Slow Pitch Jigging Lever Drag Reels

  • Narrow Jigging & Light casting size
  • Great for Slow Pitch
  • 3-30lbs of drag
  • 11.2 oz
  • Made in USA


Seigler has finally come out with a slow pitch specific SGN with the features you need for catching the bigger fish. All of these SGN’s come with a longer arm and a different reel foot to avoid the bulky studs when you aren’t using a clamp on an SPJ rod anyway. The longer arm helps especially with cranking power when using larger jigs but also lets you nail down a better rhythm when working a jig, this is something that is hard to explain until you try it for yourself. Of course the most important part of this is the cranking power, without needed a two speed you have a lot more torque for getting line back when you’re fighting a fish, or if you’re simply jigging in deeper water with a larger jig (500g+).

These reels are very light and comfortable to fish with, the side plate opposite to the cranking arm (awkward phrasing but yes these reels do come in left hand retrieve) is smaller to make it easier and more comfortable to palm when you’re jigging. These reels have amazing drag performance, giving you a full range up to a full drag of 30lbs which is plenty for not only slow pitch jigging but also just about anything you would ever use a reel this size for. And while other companies can quote big numbers, these reels have a smooth drag and will last on a long fight without issue. I had no problem landing a 45lb yellowtail on the SGN on a slow pitch setup last year and it has quickly become one of my favorite reels.

Capacity: 350yds #30 Braid

Drag: 3-30lbs

Weight: 11.2oz

Retrieve Per Crank: 38″

Ball Bearings: 7

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