Seaguar Premier Fluorocarbon Line


Thin and strong . Soft with low memory. You get all the benefits of Seaguar’s exclusive double-structure fluorocarbon process. It’s a perfect shock leader and a versatile choice for a variety of techniques and presentations.

  • Available in 12lb – 200lb tests
  • 100% Double-Structure Fluorocarbon
  • Level Wind Technology
  • 25 Yard Spools


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The new Premier is the next generation of Fluorocarbon leader from Seaguar. The new leader is of course 100% fluorocarbon. It’s thinner in diameter, and has lower memory. This product does indeed have a bit of stretch to it and can be used as a shock leader with a direct connection to Spectra. We did some testing, and have to say, the new Premier is a very good line in terms of thin diameter, consistent performance, and elongation or stretch. If you are running a short topshot over Spectra, this is a good line despite the hype surrounding it’s introduction which was not accurate. The only downside to the Premier product is that this line is essentially an IGFA line – it will break under it’s rated line test. Other FL lines will test higher, as does their Blue Label. This line is not recommended for Long Range cow fishing given it’s low breaking strength – my humble opinion. One can achieve similar results using a line class lower Blue Label line, breaking strength will be similar and diameters too, in comparison to the Premier series. I would suggest that Seaguar is trying to market a number of FL lines – some first generation re-packaged and branded – such as their pink product.  Kind of like Doritos chips at the market, the manufacturer makes more flavors to limit shelf space at retail.  We do not stock Seaguar’s lines which point to more marketing than saltwater fishing success. Seaguar makes a good FL product, but we do try to cut thru the smoke and mirrors and look at the product offered, test the product and then base a recommendation. Nice line, but a bit of over-reaching marketing hype by the manufacturer.

12 .235 mm .009 in 12 FP 25
15 .285 mm .011 in 15 FP 25
20 .370 mm .015 in 20 FP 25
25 .405 mm .016 in 25 FP 25
30 .470 mm .018 in 30 FP 25
40 .570 mm .022 in 40 FP 25
50 .620 mm .024 in 50 FP 25
60 .700 mm .028 in 60 FP 25
80 .780 mm .031 in 80 FP 25
100 .910 mm .036 in 100 FP 25
130 1.05 mm .041 in 130 FP 25
150 1.17 mm .046 in 150 FP 25
170 1.28 mm .050 in 170 FP 25
200 1.38 mm .054 in 200 FP 25
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