Sea Monster Kamakaze Flying Fish Lures

  • Available in a Large & Small Size
  • Featuring Owner Jobu & 5X Treble Hooks
  • Pre-Rigged Leader
  • 8 Replaceable Wings Included


We’ve seen plenty of flying fish lures out there but none have the versatility of these new Sea Monsters. These lures use a very thick and durable rubber material that is almost indestructible under most circumstances, we’ve even seen them bend one of these around a pullup bar and knock out a few reps without even making a dent. It’s nice to see that they come in both a large and small size to cover the early season and the later season when the bluefin are feeding on large flyers.

Each lure includes 4 sets of wings, or 8 total which is great because they are actually reversible so they work on both sides unlike some of the competition. They also include a pre-crimped leader and hook setup so you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself, the leader is very heavy and they use the best hooks available on the market a large Owner Jobu single and an ST-76 5X treble hook. Along with this you get a ton of rubber bands to attach the rig to your flying fish and a set of instructions.

These lures work both on the troll and with a kite setup which will be great for private boaters who don’t want to run a kite or don’t have the wind to do it. Best of all these are all handmade in the USA and they are a local Huntington Beach company that guarantees the quality of their product.

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