Savage Gear Twitch Reaper Offshore Casting Lures


  • Thru-Wired Construction
  • Equipped With BKK GT-Rex Hooks
  • Large Rattle Chamber
  • High-Quality Holographic, UV, And Super Glow Finish
  • Erratic Swimming Action
  • 155mm 4.5 & 4oz Variants
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The Twitch Reaper Offshore is an evolutionary product for Savage Gear, they’ve made smaller sizes of these for the inshore and freshwater market but these larger offshore sizes should be perfect for heavy saltwater use. They weigh in at 4.5 oz for the fast sink and 4 oz for the slow sink so they’ll be very easy to cast far, giving you more time in the water to attract pelagic fish. As with any twitch bait lure you’ll want to try varying actions and techniques to narrow down what works best for you. All of these lures come equipped with heavy duty thru-wiring as well as large split rings and probably the highest quality set of treble hooks on the market. The BKK GT Rex trebles are about as good as it gets, not only are they large like other tuna and GT trebles but they are also stainless steel instead of mixed tin like the Owner, Decoy, and Gamakatsu alternatives. The 2 hooks alone retail for $16, so you’re getting a hell of a deal on an effective lure rigged for big fish.

The fast sink will be nice for suspended fish, the action can draw them up as the lure works its way down to the right depth. The slow sink will be nicer for the surface bite and for when the fish aren’t too deep. The twitching action isn’t the only way to draw them in, even with a slow and steady retrieve the lures have a lot of action giving the wide body design. Many of the colors feature a glow belly so even at depth the fish will be able to see them, this also opens up nighttime fishing here in SoCal as well as the oil rig fishing in the Gulf.

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