Savage Gear Mackstick Speed Runner Lures


  • Great Lures for Private Boat Wahoo Trolling
  • 6 3/4″ Length 5 oz Weight
  • Available in 6 Colors
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The Savage Gear MackStick Speed Runners were first shown at ICAST 2019. Here it is June 2020 and the lure has finally been released and delivered.  When something is good, this good, we don’t mind waiting.  This lure is a companion trolling lure to the Mack Stick Deep Diver billed/bibbed lures.  In this form the lure is to run fast and straight from 6-15 knots.  Heavy duty 5X hooks, attached with ball bearing swivels, thru wired for security, with a very high quality holographic finish.  The lure also lights up with UV and Superglow finish, they’ll get you noticed better than a 12K Rolex.

As a private boater, these lures will be very much favored. They’re rigged to deal with wahoo, but they’ll entice a wide range of species.  While there’s a bit of a planing design to the weighted head, wide with lower attachment point to gain depth.  It’s stability at speed and depth comes from the position of the attachment point, wide head and weight forward design.  This lure will ride higher in the water column than the MackStick Deep Divers at say 7 knots. The Deep Divers can get down 30 feet!  But, as the speed increases the deep diver billed lures will come to a point where they’ll not be effective, they won’t dig in well.  The Deep Divers will be more speed dependent while the Speed Runner version will accept a wider range of trolling speed and still reach their depth.  Consequently, both lures will do well used together on your spread or independently.

For those of us who like to long range fish out of San Diego, these might be the smallest wahoo trolling lure anyone runs on the boat.  Compared to the largest size Marauders, 220 size DTX Minnows and MagTrak lures, the Mackstick Speed Runner is almost small.  But, there are times when smaller lures get you bit better, and it opens up possibilities of tuna and other species.  I intend to bring one along on my next trip and give it a test. It’s range of speed is certainly an attraction, no reason not to drag one behind the boat looking for an opportunity bite…and a good reason to stop the boat.

Some may be tempted to use this lure in a cast and retrieve mode. That might work. But, we’ll suggest going with the Savage Gear’s StickBaits for that application, those would be better swimmers – beautiful swimmers indeed. These new Savage Gear MackStick Speed Runners will be great lures to run for those dealing with toothy critters like wahoo, but do not sell them short for tuna.

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