Savage Gear Glass Minnow Lures


  • Great for mimicking small bait
  • Rigged with high quality treble hooks & swivel
  • Made of hard durable epoxy to prevent damage
  • Available in 5 colors & 4 sizes
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There are times when a smaller lure offering really is the best way to go.  We often think that big baits will bring us larger fish, and no doubt that can be the case. Additionally, a larger bait may limit the smaller fish from targeting the lure, so we’re not wasting time with runts.  BUT, and it is a rather big but, there are also times when a smaller offering which matches more closely what fish are currently feeding on, will bring better results.  That brings us to a wonderful little lure from Savage Gear, the Glass Minnow.  This lure has a lead center, covered by a dense epoxy coating which adds flash and shimmer to the lure.  You’ll understand just how nice the finish is on these lures once you handle them. The lures have a horizontal fall, enticing a bite as the lure sinks thru the water column.  On the retrieve, very effective swimming action.

These lures lend themselves to several effective techniques, and as you experiment thru use you too will discover your own ways to put the lures to work.  Offshore or inshore, these lures have strengths which make them very worthwhile additions to your tackle box.  While they are small, 2 ½” up to 4” in length, from 3/8 oz up to 1 ¼ oz. they weigh enough to provide some good casting distance for their diminutive size.  Five excellent patterns, four useful sizes, and all featuring fantastic build quality.  The lures have a good quality swivel attached at the nose to minimize line twist issues, the very good hooks used are attached by split rings.  Very adequate rigging for most uses, but if you’re thinking of taming a larger tuna over 50 lbs I’d suggest grabbing some heavier split rings and a single inline hook (VMC, Eagle Claw, Owner).

Sizes: 2 1/2″, 3/8 oz | 3″, 5/8 oz | 3 1/2″, 7/8 oz | 4 1/4″, 1 1/4 oz


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