Savage Gear 3D Mack Sticks

Savage Gear

  • Hard ABS Reinforced Body
  • Thru Stainless Steel Wire
  • Inside Flash Paper
  • Extra strong ST66 Trebles in DG finish
  • Xtra strong split-rings
  • Xtra strong SINGLE HOOKS supplied
  • Slow sinking design
  • Three Sizes: 5″ & 1 2/5oz, 7″ & 2 9/10oz, 8 1/2″ & 5 3/10oz


Based upon the scan of a real Mackerel – with excellent detail and a very realistic profile these new lures are a very realistic imitation of a popular forage fish for all predatory species. The lure is built to withstand hard strikes, extended fights and repeated use. The tough body is reinforced with it’s inside structure and thru (stainless steel) wire construction. These lures will cast far and will swim with a realistic nervous action, even at fast speed. They can also be jerked and pulled for an unpredictable gliding action.  The lures make use of in ternal Flash paper, and PHP colors with excellent detail. These are unique lures, made to target a wide range of species, like Tuna, GT’s, Snapper, Bluefish, Yellowtail…

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Three Sizes: 130mm 5″ 40gr 1 2/5oz, 170mm 7″ 82gm 2 9/10oz, 210mm 8 1/2″ 150gm 5 3/10oz