Sato Inline Rigging Crimp Kits


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  • Crimping Pliers
  • Braid Scissors
  • Sato Crimps 50#-200# 20 Each
  • Threading Needles 50#, 80#
  • Medium Latch Needle
  • Tac Glue
  • Leader File
  • Knot Puller
  • Nail Knot Pull-Through



  • Crimping Pliers
  • Sato Crimps 50#-200# 10 Each
  • Leader File
  • Knot Puller
  • Nail Knot Pull-Through
  • Leader File



Sato Crimping System The Sato system uses a crimp, hollow sleeve and specialized adhesive to create smooth transitions between your Spectra backing and leader material (mono or fluorocarbon makes no difference).

The previous version of the crimping system had problems with the crimps used. Spectra cuts easily if it even gets near a sharp object when taut. The new crimps are much better, will have less issues with failure or cracking and they don’t have the sharp ends to cause future problems. At this point I’d say the system is proven and worth use. Frankly I like this system much more than simply “serving” one end and trying the Chinese finger trap method. On our 2005 Red Rooster III 10 day trip (with 300# fish taken…and 100 over 200# yellowfin tuna) I saw six served connections fail with a fish on the other end of the hook. I never saw a bimini/albright failure or a Sato failure.

The Sato spectra to mono/fluorocarbon leader connection system is hands-down the slickest way to connect your mono to spectra. For most applications a bimini to albright will get the job done reliable if properly tied. But, especially for the heavier tests, the smooth connection possible using the crimp system is a vast improvement over any other method. It’s also a preferred means of connection when you’re running a short top-shot since there’s less issue with casting, since the crimp is much smaller than a knot as it moves across a rod guide. Gary Sato came up with the system a very few years ago, refined it, and it’s now the best connection, most reliable connection available.

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