Salas 6X Jr Single Hook Lures


  • Single hooks wahoo versions of the iconic 6X Jr jigs
  • Great for a long cast & fast retrieve
  • Long shank single siwash hook for the best hookset
  • Available in 4 hot wahoo-centric patterns
  • 4.3 oz, length 4.5″
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These are your basic heavy irons, very capable fish catchers, and bread and butter basics for bringing up Yellowtail. For our clients fishing other areas, please do give these a try for your own New Zealand and Australian Kings, Hawaiian, Gulf and East Coast Amberjacks and all bottom oriented fish. Once you get the hang of fishing heavy iron you’ll also be impressed with the capability of these tried and true lures. (6X weight 6.2 oz, length 6″, 6XJr weight 4.3 oz, length 4.5″)

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