RonZ 10″ XHD 4X 5oz Big Game Lures


  • 4 oz Tin Head 5 oz Lure Weight
  • 9/0 Owner Jobu Single Hook
  • Scent Impregnated
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RonZ innovated and designed a wonderfully effective series of lures many years ago. These proved very effective on larger grade tuna and many other species of desired gamefish. Their unique head offered better swimming action, his well designed tails offered excellent motion through the water. It took a while for folks on the Left Coast to discover this East Coast lure, but once discovered they proved just as effective with our long range client fishing cow tuna off the coast of Mexico. But, regrettably Ron passed away in 2013. Most of us thought that his creation would fade away, too. So, there was a frenzy by anglers in the know to scarf up all the inventory of Ron Z lures that were in our inventory. Well, we are very pleased to announce that Ron’s family sold the business to another fisherman and they are now back in production. We will be expanding our selection of RonZ lures over the next few weeks.

In the fall of 2011 during the long range season one of our clients fished with some guys from the East Coast who were using a lure he had not seen. I had some experience with the lures, was encouraged by one of our East Coast clients to bring ’em in, but after some thought (some mistaken belief that the lures were too darn close in appearance and application to our Big Hammer swimbaits) I didn’t follow through. Well, I was wrong on that call. Ron-Z’s lures offer a BIG DIFFERENCE in design and application effectiveness from anything we have out here. The lure is unique in the way it swims, and it’s snake-like swimming makes all the difference in the world when it comes time for a fish to bite. While these lures are offered in many sizes, we’ve focused our attention to just one size, a nice 11″ presentation (tail about 9″ and head making up the difference). The swimming action comes from the unique head that’s made from non-toxic Tin. The head weighs 2.5 ounces, 70 grams, and features a 4X 9/0 Gamakatsu hook. The unique swiveling head allows a snake-like swimming action that drives fish nuts. I mentioned that long range trip one of our clients was on, well these darn things brought in both tuna and wahoo. Fact was, it was hard to get bit on anything but these things once the wahoo saw ’em. I’m not sure if they were imitating a sea snake or an eel, but whatever it was, the fish wanted ’em big time.

The Swivel Eye-swing hook jig head is the first of it’s kind. It offers the most advanced hydrodynamic designed jig head available to fishermen. It’s made with an internal all stainless steel swivel that allows direct line attachment without the worry of line twist. The swivel also acts as a pivoting point for side to side jig head movement that is transmitted to the tail wiggle. That’s what really gets the fish going! Heavy leaders can be used without loss of action. The pure tin jighead will take a beating, and keep on shinning, no more chipped heads!. The hook used is a Gamakatsu 004 live bait heavy duty design, well respected as a quality big game hook worldwide. It’s one of the strongest hooks for it’s size, and is built with a VERY sharp and powerful point. It can penetrate bone without bending. The hook is attached to the swiveling eye via a stainless steel cotter pin that allows the eye of the hook to pivot freely in the round bend of the cotter pin. The straight end of the cotter pin is passed thru the inside of the eye of the swivel, and then bent over. When this design is cast into the jig head, it becomes a VERY strong link. The pivoting motion of the hooks adds to the action of the tail, and it helps to prohibit the fish from using the weight of the jig head to shake it free. The tail is also unique, it is FISH OIL infused so fish grab ’em with more gusto, and don’t let go!

We’ve selected the four most productive patterns, a pearl white, luminescent green, hot pink and gray pattern. All are excellent patterns. We’re stocking the lures rigged, as well we have 3 pack replacement skirts. The lures are made in the USA, using high quality materials.

Please note, we’ve expanded our offering of these excellent lures. We now stock the 3X as well as 4X strong heads with lures. Additionally we’ve brought in the big boys, the 4X 140 gm size lures. In the past we’ve only stocked the 4X 70 gram 102’s, the larger 4X lures weigh a hefty 240 grams (head weight is 140 gm). Please note, the 3X 102’s do not have the floating head, these use a fixed jig head.

Model Head Weight Hook Size & Strength Casting Weight
3X102 2 1/4 oz 70gm 11/0 3X 4 oz 115gm
4X102 2 1/2 oz 70gm 8/0 4X 4 oz 115gm
4X105 5 oz 140gm 9/0 4X 8 oz 240gm

Here’s one of our clients, John Lund (you might note this image as our Pic of the Week). He dropped by the shop last weekend, was stoked that we’d picked up Ron-Z’s lures, not hard to see why… Darn things do work, as I found out from some of our most experienced and well traveled  clients, which is why we brought ’em in.

The Bluefin Tuna was 250#, caught off Cape Cod, and the Yellow Eye was taken in Alaska.

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