Roberts Whistler 2.5 oz Long Cast Lures

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The Whistler is a newer design from Roberts Lures, it is a symmetrical design unlike the rangers so it has a slightly different action in the water but still gets bit just as well. They’re only 4 1/4 inches long while the rangers are 5 1/4 and 6 inches long making them a big harder to cast at their weight, while the Whistler is very easy to cast long distances. All of their lures are rigged with a long shank single hook which works well for a variety of species, but guys also replace them with assist hooks with good results.

A variety of different colors are available, most tailored to fishing in hotter water. White/Red and White/Blue and even Yellow are very popular down south since the water is warmer and fish are more active so they will hit brighter colors. The chrome patterns are very popular for boat fishing in SoCal and down, it mimics the bait fish well so a lot of the pelagic species will go for them on the surface. Flashy colors like the chrome work well for the bluefin and yellowfin especially, they’re drawn to a brighter flash more so than yellowtail or other species which is why a lot of the yoyo and surface iron jigs tailored to tuna will be either chrome or blue chrome.

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