Roberts Ranger 3oz Casting Lures

  • Large Rangers weigh 3 ounces
  • Variety of different painted & chrome colors
  • Perfect for a variety of species in SoCal, Middle & South America

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Here’s a product we think you’ll find quite interesting, if you’re unfamiliar. We’ve now been selling these lures since 2008, so I guess they’re not really a new product for us any longer. But, for a lot of West Coast guys they are a new item.

Roberts Ranger is a wonderful lure,  being “found out” about by more and more anglers. We used to carry the lure, marketed by a fellow who specialized in catching Roosters and many other species from shore. The guy was a bit of a legend, and the last we heard from him was that he’d moved down south…Mexico. Well, while the lure was known among the small circle of rooster fish aficionados, we had a hard time selling ’em. This was about 15 years ago. However, on the East Coast the Roberts Lure has been a standard for catching stripers, and more.

Recently, we’re seeing more and more folk traveling to parts of the world where focusing on Roosters has become an obsession. And, more recently our long range anglers have discovered just how effective these lures can be for yellowtail. The lures work GREAT for yellowtail, you can swim ’em, and it seems Mexican yellowtail just can’t get enough of this unfamiliar lure. Re-rig the lure for some great fun on wahoo, as well. (Use a Mustad 7691 or similar, an Owner Open Eye in 7 or 8/0 sizes, or a BIG 5/0 Owner Treble to upgrade the hooks to something heavier or better suited for different applications. Some  do this as a matter of course, though the supplied hooks are quite adequate for most applications). Skip ’em along the surface or let ’em drop down a bit than then retrieve. You’ll find that Roberts Rangers have a wide range of fish they’ll catch, and are well worth owning.

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