Reals Plate Jerker Slow Pitch Jigs


  • Steel Center Plate
  • Glow Stripes
  • Tons of Action in Lower Current
  • Made in Japan
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Reals is a small manufacturer in Japan that specializes in making jigs with their proprietary center plate system design, the Plate Jerker being their popular shape. The center plate system gives the jig a variety of different actions in the water, depending on how you work them or how much current there is. These lures have a lot more action than most jigs on the market, but it does make them a bit susceptible to being harder to use in high current situations which is why they created the PJ Ride which has a slightly different shape and meant for heavier conditions. We have these jigs in a couple of colors, the traditional silver zebra glow and a blue version.

The plate jerker has 3 main actions: a tight wobble like you might see on the SFC Gawky or Jyg Pro Deep series, a slow leaf fall like the SFC Rector, and a more unique swimming action that keeps the lure horizontal longer allowing it to dart sideways instead of being more vertical. They are high quality unique jigs for the slow pitch jigging enthusiast and they can be a bit hard to find due to availability and manufacturing constraints.

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