QuickRig Power Barrel Swivels



Increasingly well known for their ringed circle hooks and snap swivels and corkscrew style snap/swivels.  Here’s a new twist (so to speak) in swivels.  You may have seen something similar from another firm, very small swivels with incredible strength that give you half the quantity for the same or higher price.  QuickRig is an aggressive company, making great products and offering them for a very fair price.  In this case, they’ve simply got the best product for the best price.

A lot of folks will use these super small swivels for rigging their fluorocarbon leader.  Some will use them for connecting mono or fluorocarbon leader to Spectra. They’re so small they’ll flow through your rod guides easily.  They’re super small, super strong, and because they’ve got QuickRig’s name on ’em they’re also the best value on the market for this type of item.  All the packs are priced at $2.58, and all come 10 per pack!  Great product, excellent price!  If you’re trying to find some high quality swivels for your rigging needs, well, you’ve accomplished your mission.

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