QuickRig Golden Eye Stainless Inline Hooks


  • High quality polished stainless steel design
  • Heavy duty wire for tuna and wahoo
  • Larger barb to prevent lost fish
  • Available in 9/0 & 11/0 with 7/0 & 13/0 sizes coming soon
  • Made in Japan


We’ve heard some complaints about the hooks that come on the Nomad Design lures, they’re not replaceable and have very small barbs which don’t facilitate a good hookset so we have worked with QuickRig over the last few months to try to get guys a solid and heavy duty replacement. The new Golden Eye hooks use the same quality stainless steel as the rest of their hooks which are also hand made in Japan, which is a big improvement over the tin alloy hooks used on the DTX’s and other hooks like it. There are plenty of inline hooks out there from Owner, Eagle Claw, VMC and BKK but none of them can match the durability and quality of a heavy gauge stainless steel hook, these hooks are guaranteed to last a lot longer than your lures letting you save money in the long run on replacements. They all use a round polished barb which is a lot better than a rough wedge shape that Mustad likes to use on the 7691’s, it allows for better penetration and a more durable point.

Currently we have just received the 9/0 & 11/0 sizes, with the 7/0, and 13/0 sizes coming in soon. These will be all you need to cover any size DTX lure or any other lure using lower quality hooks.

9/0 Size: This size is slightly smaller than the DTX 200 stock hooks, but with a heavier gauge wire it will be a lot stronger. It will also fit the DTX165 and be a bit bigger which is a good thing for the guys trolling them for tuna. Over the last year we’ve seen the 165’s take off in the SoCal market for tuna so it is nice to have a good upgrade path if you’re going for the bigger fish. These will also work perfectly on the larger Halco Max 190’s and 220’s as a replacement for tuna and wahoo. If you’re using any large poppers or stickbaits from Yo-Zuri or Savage Gear I would also consider these for the ~200mm size lures.

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