Promar Collapsible Live Bait Traps


These traps are great for catching smelt, shrimp, minnows, crawfish, and just about any kind of bait. Built with a Spring Pop-Out Design, these traps open automatically in one step and fold for easy storage. Each trap features a zippered pocket for bait and a zippered access to catch. Complete with hand rope. Durable polyethylene netting.

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There are lots of reasons to use these nets.  Here’s my favorite: If you keep your boat in the harbor like I do, you’ve got a great opportunity to catch the best halibut bait you can find: smelt. Not only are they good for halibut, it seems like every predatory fish from yellowtail to white seabass relish smelt.  So, toss in some bread in to the bait sock and toss her over the side when you go to bed.  When you wake up, you’ll probably have enough pieces of quality bait to bring home the bacon…or more likely some flatties.

Model # Size Entrances
TR-501 18” x 10 ” Dual 2 1/2”
TR-502 36” x 12” Dual 5”
TR-503 24” x 12” Dual 5”
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