Promar Ahi Giant Squid Jigs

  • Large weighted squid jigs
  • 14 & 24 oz sizes


The folks from Ahi offer several very nice squid catching rigs, from gangion style to some BIG jigs for Humbolt or Baja giants.  All are luminous, all offer large barbless hooks and are made with attention to quality and value.  The first item offered is a multi-hook gangion style jig.  They’re wonderful for Arrow squid, for 6 inch squirts.

Ahi recently introduced a very unique product, one we’re sure no one in your neighborhood owns.  For folks traveling where the really big squid reside, like Baja, we’ve got something that’s going to make your eyes bug out just like Beth’s do when she finds a box of See’s candy on my desk…  If you’re targeting 20# plus squid, this is a great jig.

This is a MONDO size squid jig, over one foot long, luminous, lots of hooks for grabbing these tasty cephlapods. You can get an idea of the size, the coin next to the jig is a quarter.  This is a very big squid jig, a bit over one foot in length.  Catch a giant squid on a jig like this and you’ll be making calimari steaks not little rings!  Heck, you could end up making a ring big enough to put a basketball through!  These are GIANT squid jigs for GIANT squids.  

Model # Description Jig Length Jig Weight
SJ-175-3H Giant Squid Jig Junior 10″ 14 oz
SJ-1000 Giant Squid Jig 20″ 24 oz
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