ProCure Scent

  • Super powerful full strength fish oil & gels
  • Enhance attraction of any bait or lure
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Easy application
  • Available in 10 different scents


Pro-Cure is another exceptional manufacturer of fish attracting scents.  Pro-Cure is very appealing for a number of reasons. Their products are less “chemically” treated, made out of the real thing with some additional flavors and oils.  Make use of scent on any hard or soft bait for added attraction.  Fish will indeed hang on longer and take your lure with more gusto if it tastes natural.  With the addition of fish and bait oils in the mixtures you also benefit from a nice scent trail.

Consider “curing” your plastics in a baggie with some of these scents for an hour or so prior to use.  You’ll like the results, as will the fish you’re seeking.  The baby octopus baits can be quite effective for bottom dwelling fish.  Again, prior to use, take out a couple baits and give ’em a rinse or shake off the excess packing liquid.  Soak them in one of the oil or sauce scents below for greater effectiveness.  The sauces come in 2 ounce bottles.

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