Pline Rock & Ling Cod Rigs


The Ling Cod Rig is rigged with two 4.5 inch bulb squids, 50 pound leader & 7/0 hooks. Big ling cod love squid and octopus and these rigs have proven to be effective in tricking many lings into their last meal. The Rock Cod Rig is a smaller version of the highly effective Ling Cod Rig. At 3.5 inches these squid are the perfect length for school sized rockfish. This version is also tied on 50 pound leader, but uses a smaller 5/0 hook.

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Going rockfishing? Perhaps looking for a lingcod? Well, the folks at P-Line made some nice double rigs using the squids above that will catch the interest of bottom fish, and put ’em on a table where they belong. The lures are double rigged on fairly heavy line (about 80#), in a Rock Cod size 3.5″ and Ling Cod 4.5″ version.  The lures are a dandy value, just add the appropriate amount of lead to put ’em on the bottom and hang on to your rod. They proved themselves last year, available only at our shop. This year we expect to see some great results on the East Coast. Give ’em a try!

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