Plano EDGE Series Tackle Trays


  • Water Wick™ divider with reusable moisture-wicking packet
  • Dri-Loc® O-ring seal maintains waterproofing when closed
  • Rustrictor™ technology delivers 360 degrees of rust-preventative protection
  • EZ Label™ system for quick identification of contents
  • One-handed latch design
  • Ventilated dividers improve airflow
  • Recessed dividers prevent content migration between departments
  • Stainless steel pin hinges
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The new Plano Edge series provides a big improvement over traditional tackle trays. They are water proof, internally resistant to corrosion, and have much more customization on the inside than any other tray on the market. You can use them for hooks, rigging materials, lures, jigs and much more. They are available in the standard 3600 and 3700 sizes which will fit in any traditional tackle box such as the SKB 7100-7200, Okuma Nomad and Calcutta tackle bags. The rubber seal on the outsides prevents water from getting in which will keep your tackle looking new for a lot longer. The integrated moisture wick helps get rid of any water left on your tackle which will keep it from rusting over time, everyone who has had a plastic tray with hooks knows the feeling of coming back to it after a trip and seeing the hooks all rusted. The box material feels much more sturdy and will resist a lot more abuse than the standard trays which will crack with any physical damage, the latch system in particular feels great and much more robust than a couple of plastic tabs.

Over two years in the making and countless hours of research and development has led to a tackle storage system that solves every major problem anglers encounter. Every feature on Plano’s new EDGE series is part of a well thought out system to help you be a better angler. With a family of 10 boxes offering both general purpose and specialized storage that fit into the current Plano system, they will prolong the life of your tackle and give you an edge on the water. One quick glance shows these tackle boxes are different. Look closer and you’ll find they’re not only different – they’re better in every way possible.

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