Owner Ringed Super Mutu Circle Hook


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Owner’s hit another home run with their new ringed Super Mutu circle hooks.  They’re just what the larger tuna want hooked to their bait.  The ring allows the bait to move more freely, pays dividends on cut bait, too.  Owner now makes the ring versions of their Mutu, Gorilla and Flyliner hooks.  Their best hooks, the Super Mutu’s were the first to get rings, and they’re still certainly the finest big game hooks on the market.

Ringed Super Mutu Pocket Packs
Size 4/0 8/bag
Size 5/0 7/bag
Size 6/0 6/bag
Size 7/0 5/bagSize 8/0 4/bag
Size 9/0 3/bag
Size 10/0 2/bag
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