Owner Mutu Hybrid Unringed Circle Hooks


  • 2X Strong Wire
  • Available in Size 4 through 2/0 Sizes
  • Black Nickel Coated


The Mutu Hybrid hooks are a new release from Owner, they have the same shape as the popular Mutu circle hooks but feature a lot more smaller sizes with rings. The standard Mutu’s go down to a 1/0 but the Hybrids will go all the way down to a ringed Size 4 which is perfect when using small bait. The last few years bait has been pretty small in San Diego so guys were forced to drop down in hook and line sizes, some going all the way down to a Size 6 or 8 Flyliner hook. The Mutu Hybrids are perfect for the smaller bait, the feature a 2X wire which means they’re still plenty strong for the lighter line you’d be fishing small bait with.

These would fall in between the Mutu Light and standard Mutu hooks so you get more durability for a small size hook in case you’re going for the bigger tuna and offshore species. Each hook is offset to make it easier to hook your bait and fish.

4174R-071 # 4 8
4174R-091 # 2 8
4174R-101 # 1 7
4174R-111 1/0 6
4174R-121 2/0 6
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