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Saltwater Live Bait Hooks Forged for superior strength, light weight for a more natural bait presentation. Cutting Point, short shank and corrosion resistant black chrome finish. Ideal for rigging live baits, allowing the bait to swim naturally. Like their name indicates – these hooks are for flylining bait.

Flyliner Pocket Packs Flyliner Pro Packs
Size 8     9/bag Size 8     52/bag
Size 6     9/bag Size 6     52/bag
Size 4     8/bag Size 4     46/bag
Size 2     8/bag Size 2     46/bag
Size 1     7/bag Size 1     41/bag
Size 1/0 7/bag Size 1/0 41/bag
Size 2/0 6/bag Size 2/0 34/bag
Size 3/0 6/bag Size 3/0 34/bag
Size 4/0 5/bag Size 4/0 28/bag


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