Okuma PCH Rail Rods


  • Extremely light weight and responsive 24-ton carbon rod blanks
  • UFR-II: Ultimate Flex Reinforcement rod tip technology
  • 3K-woven carbon outer blank wrap improves hoop strength
  • XH models feature ALPS HXN guides with Zirconium inserts
  • All models feature machined aluminum ALPS CAH reel seats
  • Rail Rods come with a longer foregrip covered in protective tubing
  • All PCH models feature ALPS non-skid rubber butt caps


I’ve got to give Okuma a lot of credit, it’s been fun watching them develop and grow. It’s my feeling that they got spanked so hard a decade ago that they learned a most important lesson, they listen.  No doubt they innovate, too. But, key for them has been listening and then coming to market with things we’ve (collectively) asked for.

“Our customers are the source of our most valuable input and it’s your needs, goals and desires that drive Okuma product development.” That’s their philosophical statement, and I do believe it’s followed as evidenced by the firms great progress over the past five or six years. Okuma is the sleeping giant of fishing tackle. And, they’re not sleeping these days. They are providing saltwater anglers excellent gear.

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7 ft 4 in
7 ft 4 in
7 ft 4 in

Okay, now lets talk rods. The PCH rods were designed with SoCal fishing styles in mind, and innovates their technique and technology to build some very interesting and well built rods. Nine models, 7′, 7 1/2′ and 8 foot lengths, all with relatively fast actions. The rods make use of some of the innovations of other firms, notably United Composites (who are driving rod technology with their materials and designs). UC has been the only firm incorporating uni-directional fiberglass in their composite rods. Okuma is using that material on their tips for this series, and making use of woven carbon fiber, too.

The PCH Custom Series Rods were designed with the latest technology and insight from leading fishermen around the country. The backbone to the PCH Custom Rods is the patented blank construction process dubbed Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement. Owned by an Okuma engineer, the patented process blends unidirectional fiber over 24-ton carbon in the extended tip section of the rod to increase lifting strength and power by as much as 400%. This technology provides for the ultimate in strength without sacrificing sensitivity so that you can feel even the lightest of bites.

The component system on the PCH Custom Rods are all top notch featuring Fuji K-guides with Alconite inserts on the Medium, Medium Heavy, and Heavy models, as well as ALPS HXH guides with Zirconium inserts on the Extra Heavy models. All models also feature ALPS CAH reel seats. The 7-foot and 7-foot 6-inch models feature tapered TPE fore and rear grips and the 8-foot models feature tapered shrink tube for durability and comfort. All PCH Custom Rods also have an ALPS non-skid rubber butt cap to reduce deck slide.

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ModelPowerLengthLine WeightCasting WeightSectionsForegrip LengthReargrip LengthNumber of GuidesHandle StyleWeight (oz)
PCH-C-741XXHXXH7′ 4″60-100lbsN/A1-pcs18″15″9 TipE21.5
PCH-C-741XXXHXXXH7′ 4″80-130lbsN/A1-pcs18″15″9 TipE31
PCH-C-741XXXXHXXXXH7′ 4″150-200lbsN/A1-pcs20″15″9 TipF31