Okuma Nomad Duffle Bags

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Here’s a bit of background. In 2013 Nomad tackle storage bags began being produced by the folks from Okuma. The models offered by this manufacturer expanded rapidly based upon some other folks going away, such as Open Water (who really changed the game with their old roller systems) and WFO. Nomad covers all facets of tackle storage now, they are the key producer of offshore oriented tackle storage systems. The Nomad tackle bags don’t say Okuma anywhere on ’em, noting that some folks might not like another reel manufacturers name on their tackle bag or reel bag. Okuma owned that trade name and used it on their travel rods, and it’s a good one for use with traveling gear like this. Also please note that these bags come from a good manufacturer with plenty of resources and commitment to the tackle industry. I think we can feel safer knowing that they will be around to support their product for years to come – we’ve seen enough folks get into and then go away from this basic part of what a fellow needs to own and have with ’em when heading out on a boat. The Nomad products are very well made, and the designs are very, very good in adding features which will prove beneficial to fishermen, they do the small things well that add so much to owner enjoyment for years to come.

Nomad’s Technical Duffle Bags offer high quality composite zippers and features like their other upgrade Technical bags.
15.75L X 12.25 W X 12.5 H
19.25 L X 15 W X 15 H

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