Okuma Makaira Special Edition Matte Black Reels


  • Lightened 6061-T6 Machined aluminum frame with forged side plates
  • Proprietary hybrid corrosion resistant stainless steel helical cut gearing
  • Custom designed thrust bearing: Alleviates side load on heavy drag settings
  • 4-pcs ABEC-5 precision Sapporo open stainless steel ball bearings, improved free spool from gold edition
  • Double dog, proprietary silent anti-reverse system
  • Patented T-Bar handle with Easy Roll graphite insert on all models
  • Heavy duty, precision stainless steel drive and spool shafts
  • Lug and plug system on all open top reel models
  • Precision placement of drain holes maximizes water removal from reel
  • Special screw ports around side plate screws reduces water/corrosion buildup
  • Makaira lever drag reels are backed by a 5-year warranty

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They aren’t for everyone, but for those who appreciate the enhancements and have the highest demands, they are reels to die for. Okuma’s Makaira Special Edition Long Range reels take things to another level in terms of specific changes that some in the long range community have requested. Before getting into that, let me state clearly, the existing crop of Makaira reels are absolutely state of the art, and for most of us, myself included, there is little reason to head in the SE direction. The changes you’ll see in the SE series reels appeal most to fishermen who are uncompromising in terms of their demands upon gear, guys who regularly head out to tangle with cow size tuna on the long range boats or aboard a sportfisher off Puerto Vallarta, those that will benefit most will be our most dedicated long range enthusiasts. Those that will benefit least will probably be private boaters, guys who tend to put on heavy miles on their gear and don’t take the time to maintain ’em regularly. In a lot of ways the SE reels are custom shop offerings, based upon feedback from some of the most experienced anglers, guys who jumped on the Makairas early and fished ’em hard on the long range boats in 2010/11. To those, Okuma listened and responded, showing their sincere interest in building the best gear possible. The pricing of the SE series reels is a tad higher than the original Makaira reels, reflecting the change in handle and bearings used on these pieces. If you are seeking the best freespool performance, flylining live bait to large grade tuna, this series of reels will put a smile on your face and very likely result in a personal best on the boat.

Okay, now for what’s different on the Special Edition reels, the SE Series reels feature:

  • Open Spool Bearings with TSI-301 oil. This increases freespool 2 to 2 1/2 times!
  • All non-spool bearings feature FULL grease pack for maximum longevity.
  • Special Edition Gun Smoke and Black anodizing.
  • SE reels have a yellowfin tuna etched into the side plate to further distinguish them from the Golds.
  • Frames have been machined out for increased clearance between the spool and cross bars.
  • Larger Handles, MK-10/15 reels will feature MK-20 size handle knobs for greater leverage.
  • Larger Handles, MK 20/30 reels use the 50 size arm and knobs.
  • New LOWER GEARING on the 20/30 size – 1.3:1!!!

And, for folks who own current Gold series reels you have not been forgotten. If you’d like any of the modifications mentioned above, the folks at Okuma will update your reel for $29-59 depending upon what you’d like done.


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MK-10IISEA 4BB 1TB 4.7:1 & 2.1:1 33.5″ & 15.0″ 34-LBS 27-LBS 460/15 (0.37), 380/20 (0.42), 280/25 (0.48) 26.1
MK-15IISEA 4BB 1TB 4.7:1 & 2.1:1 33.5″ & 15.0″ 34-LBS 27-LBS 550/20 (0.42), 410/25 (0.48), 310/30 (0.55) 26.8
MK-16IISEA 4BB 1TB 4.3:1 & 1.3:1 39.2″ & 11.8″ 48-LBS 34-LBS 870/20 (0.42), 650/25 (0.48), 500/30 (0.55) 40
MK-20IISEA 4BB 1TB 3.8:1 & 1.3:1 39.4″ & 17.5″ 55-LBS 37-LBS 870/25 (0.48), 660/30 (0.55), 530/40 (0.60) 45.8
MK-30IISEA 4BB 1TB 3.8:1 & 1.3:1 39.4″ & 17.5″ 55-LBS 37-LBS 850/30 (0.55), 700/40 (0.60), 550/50 (0.70) 48
MK-50IISEA 4BB 1TB 3.2:1 & 1:1 37.8″ & 11.9″ 85-LBS 60-LBS 1000/30 (0.55), 650/50 (0.70), 400/80 (0.90) 60.2
MK-80WIISEA 6BB 1TB 3.1:1 & 1.2:1 45.7″ & 20.5″ 100-LBS 70-LBS 1000/80 (0.90), 850/100 (1.0), 660/130 (1.12) 116