Oceans Legacy Hybrid Contact Slow Pitch Jigs


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The Hybrid Contact is a more traditional wide slow pitch jig which gives you a great action on the fall. These feature a set of ridges on the back which will give the jig a more erratic fall as opposed to a faster drop less active design. All of the jigs feature a unique blue glow along with the UV coating which makes them particularly bright in UV light. They’re all through wired and come with assist hooks rigged to the top. This will be perfect for just about anything apart from the bigger bluefin we’ve got here. If you’re going for a 200lb fish you should be re-rigging all of your jigs with heavier hooks and leaders.

From the Manufacturer: Oceans Legacy Hybrid Contact jigs are original design and field tested in Australian waters. Our jigs have specially designed eyes and rear ridge glow grooves to provide superior action to entice dermesals and pelagic species. All our jigs ultra UV coated and glow with high quality finish. This jig is a “hybrid” as its ability to be jig slow and high pitch styled or speed jigging.

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