Nomad Design Riptide Stickbait Lures


Riptide 105 Long Cast Stickbait. 4″ and 1.3oz. Riptide 155 6.1″ and 2.8oz. Gorilla Through Wire system for Ultimate Strength and fitted with super strong inline single hooks. Ideal when casting for Tuna, Striped Bass and Yellowtail.

  • Great casting lure for the slide when they’re feeding on live bait
  • Comes Rigged with 2 x Inline Single Hooks
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The Riptide is a new lure for us, and a very interesting piece, for sure.  This one is a cast and retrieve lure, the 105 & 155 being fast sinking, long cast stickbait type lures.  It’s designed to be the ultimate sub surface lure with a side to side wobble on the sink. This lure has internal weights, adding to the side to side wobble effect.  When fished in a walk the dog style retrieve the lure will turn nearly 180 degrees!  It can be fished fast or slow, in rough or calm waters. Versatility is a key aspect to this lure’s design. Of course it’s thru wired, and very tough. It is the toughest little stickbait made and up to any challenge.

That’s mostly the manufacturer’s pitch on the lure.  I’ll add, it’s reminiscent of the old bungee fall type lures, great producers tossed on the slide. Gosh I wish for some albacore down here in SoCal…  For our Pacific Northwest and East Coast clients, this lure begs to be tossed to albies!  Yellowfin, sure bet and I’d approach use of the lure the same way, on the slide, as a cast and retrieve bait, working the water column.  So many ways to put this little gem to good use…! The Riptide 105 weighs 1.3 ounces and is 4″ in length, while the 155 is 2.8oz and 6.1″. It’s a tasty morsel for sure. It’s going to catch a wide range of fish, no doubt, and it certainly caught the attention of the guys working here. We all want to go fishing and give it a go.


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