Nomad Design Streaker Fast Sink Jigs


  • Long Profile Fast Drop Jigs
  • Perfect For Big Bluefin
  • Available in Glow & Holographic Patterns
  • 320g & 420g – 9″/10″ Sizes
150lb + BB Swivel (+$15.00)
200lb + BB Swivel (+$17.00)
300lb + BB Swivel (+$20.00)
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The Streaker jigs have a longer and thinner profile making them drop quicker than the more traditional leaf shaped or wider jigs. These are perfect for dropping down into deeper water for bluefin and other species of fish, working especially well for fishing 300+ feet. All of the sizes are through-wired so you don’t have to worry about losing a big fish, they also include a single hook rigged to the top giving you a solid ring to crimp or tie your leader to.

The back of Streaker jigs features a flatter design giving the jig a bit more action when working them up quickly or letting them drop with no resistance, they want to kick out a bit when they’re going quick which looks like a wounded bait trying to get away which is sure to attract the bigger fish. These are perfect for deeper bottom fishing as well as fishing structure yellowtail in higher current. Because of the slimmer design, the current won’t affect them as much letting you stay vertical which gives the jigs the best action. All of the colors we stock have glow on them besides the sardine pattern which is still a great jig for daytime yellowtail and bluefin.

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