Nomad Design Slidekick Surface Iron Lures

  • 6 inch length & 4.25 oz weight
  • Variety of color choices
  • Rigged with rear split ring for easy hook replacement

$13.59 $16.99

The Slidekick is a new venture for Nomad Design, a jig catering to the SoCal market and hopefully bringing surface iron fishing to new fishermen across the country. These surface irons feature a wide variety of Nomad’s popular colors which deviates from the traditional single or two tone patterns of most other surface irons on the market. They’re a bit heavier at 4.25 oz making them a bit easier to cast and fish with, letting you maintain a faster retrieve and cover a wider range of the water column if you let them sink out. They are made of a soft but durable plastic with a steel core to provide the durability of a thru-wire construction and the weight that makes these jigs easy to cast. They are rigged with great treble hooks out of the package but the split ring at the back allows you to easily change to a single or different treble if you wanted. We expect these lures to do quite well given their unique patterns, especially with how many people love fishing surface irons on the local boats here.

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