Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jigs


  • Available in Red/White & Green Glow
  • 6 sizes ranging from 1 to 8 oz
  • Made with large Mustad black nickel hooks
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Bucktails are always a must have for local fishing, if you’re ever fishing squid beds trying to get the bigger yellowtail, seabass and halibut there are few jigs that will give whole squid a good action. You can go with smaller banana jigs, smaller yoyo irons like the Tady TLC or use a bucktail which will be your best option. These jigs are rigged with heavy duty hooks which won’t straighten out on you unlike most of the banana jigs, they’ll also give you a flat action when you tie to the top ring making the bait look a lot more like squid than the rest. Pin a couple of squids on the end, drop it down and leave your rod flat on the rail letting the boat work the jig. Most of the fish are not spending their energy chasing squid around, they’ll eat the mating and dying squid which doesn’t move as much so the less you move it the more bites you’ll get.

If you’re targeting bigger bottom fish like vermillion reds, ling cod, snapper and so on you can use either the red or the glow they will both work well. In the larger sizes they’ll be big enough to fish without an extra weight giving your rig a much better presentation. Red seems to be the hottest color for that since it looks like a lot of different species of fish. You can also use the bigger swimbaits on these heads and they’ll work well, there’s not many bigger jig heads out there anymore.

From the Manufacturer:

Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jigs are built on a 32824NP-BN UltraPoint® hook with a precision-molded, hydrodynamic head and feature two line ties for vertical or casting presentation. Oversized 3-D Eyes, hand tied premium dyed deer hair and Crystal Flash give the jig maximum attraction. The wire bait keeper secures natural baits or artificial trailers. 8 Color Patterns and 12 weight heads for just about anything that swims! The head has a durable and strong epoxy finish. The Bucktail Jig has a wide variety of applications in both fresh and saltwater during the summer and winter season. Depending on the size, use it to target species like Striped Bass, Fluke, Largemouth Bass, Perch, Yellowtail, Steelhead, Snapper, Redfish, Zander, Walleye, Snook, and just about anything that swims! Unlike so many other lures, the Bucktail Jig has no built-in action. Apply movement by bouncing, twitching, and lifting the rod to get the fish in striking mood, no matter if your are fishing vertically or casting the jig.

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