Mustad 94151 Straight Shank Bait Hooks


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For bait fishing we carry the 92677 model of Mustad hooks, as well as their standard bait hook model #94151 in addition to other popular designs.  Both meet my specs very well, and offer an excellent value. Both styles of hooks are hollow-ground, they sharpen easily and hold up to a day’s fishing well. These hooks feature a small ring, are bronzed for low visibility, have a special short shank.  The 94151 is not forged and has a straight shank, while the 92677 offers a special bend (kirbed) that can improve hook sets significantly and is forged for strength. These Mustad hooks offer excellent value and performance. The 94151 and 92677’s are a couple high use, high economy quality bait hooks.  These hooks will rust out, I look at ’em as basically a one day’s use product given corrosion.  That’s not necessarily bad, it’s a better option for catch and release if you can’t free a hook or the fish breaks off.  Just don’t expect to use the same hook over multiple trips and if you get some saltwater in your hook box you can expect things to grow…  So, you’ll want to organize your selection and just expose what you figure you’ll use to the elements when you’re on the boat. 

Comes in packs of 50 hooks.

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