Momoi High Speed Trolling Weights

  • Rigged Trolling Weights
  • Available in 24, 32, 48 and 64 oz Sizes
  • Perfect for Wahoo Lures


Trolling weights are a great way to keep your lures in the water when trolling at high speeds. They’re easier to set up than planer boards with a down rigger and are capable of higher speed which is great for wahoo. You’ll want to use these for smaller jet lures or larger feathers to keep them, perfect for the Catchy Spinner’s and Zuker ZTW/ZM’s. They will also work well on larger planing head lures like the Marauders, Yo-Zuri Bonitas and MagTrak’s in case you wanted more depth, but I would avoid them for billed drivers since it can affect the action. These weights are rigged inline meaning you just clip them straight to your leader and mainline.

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