Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament Leader Coils


Momoi’s Hi-Catch Leader Material is an extremely high quality monofilament line produced using the strictest Japanese quality controls. It exhibits very low memory characteristics, and is flexible while maintaining the highest tensile strength to diameter ratios. Smaller diameter lines with extreme tensile strength result in improved knot performance when fighting hard charging big-game, off-shore, bluewater fish.

  • Available in Blue & Clear
  • Line tests: 80, 100, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300, & 400lb


Momoi’s Hi-Catch mono leader is a Japanese made product of superior quality, and the value is strong as well. The leader coils are 100 yards in length, available in both clear and light blue tint. The coils come in a handy zippered mesh pouch for organized storage, and the bags make darn useful things after the leader is gone, too. I’d describe this as a fairly stiff leader material in comparison to Izor’s which is a softer product. There’s reason for both types of leader, and where concerns of abrasion of paramount importance this product would be my first choice. However if you are looking for a relatively limp leader, then the Izor leads. Strictly a matter of application and personal preference.

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Lb TestDiameter100yd CoilsColors
800.85mm / 0.0335inXClear White / Smoke Blue
1000.95mm / 0.0374inXClear White / Smoke Blue
1301.20mm / 0.0472inXClear White / Smoke Blue
1501.28mm / 0.0504inXClear White / Smoke Blue
2001.40mm / 0.0551inXClear White / Smoke Blue
2501.60mm / 0.0630inXClear White / Smoke Blue
3001.80mm / 0.0709inXClear White / Smoke Blue
4002.05mm / 0.0807inXClear White / Smoke Blue