Momoi Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon Line


Diamond Presentation Fluorocarbon Leader Material gives the angler that added advantage when pursuing those line shy game fish. Fluorocarbon Line has a refractive index very close to that of saltwater making it virtually invisible. It is also much denser and does not absorb water like monofilament, so it sinks much faster than monofilament lines. This super high quality leader material also exhibits very good abrasion resistance characteristics.

  • Available in 20lb – 180lb tests, Pink & Clear
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Well, we do our part in searching out new products, but we don’t add things to the mix unless it makes sense to do so. Before bringing in Momoi’s fluorocarbon leader a couple years ago we did some testing. Based upon that testing, it was darn easy to pull the trigger with Momoi’s new Presentation Fluorocarbon. It tested out GREAT! The line is pure fluorocarbon, available in both clear and pink and it’s available in 100 yard spools – for about the same price as 2 25 yarders from other folks. In testing, we found that it did exactly what it was supposed to do. For example, the 40# tested out at a consistent 43 lbs. with minimal variance as we tested the spool through it’s length. Further, there was some stretch offered as well. Let me put it this way, the stuff tested out better than Black Water’s. The line reminded me a lot of Seaguar Blue Label in terms of test, offered some stretch – not quite as much as Seaguar’s Premier but more than most other fluorocarbon I’ve tested. It’s a very good product and excellent value. 

The new 100-180# test Fluorocarbon is packaged in 100 foot coils rather than 100 yard size spools.

100 yd.
100 ft.
20 0.40mm X Clear/Pink
25 0.495mm X Clear/Pink
30 0.54mm X Clear/Pink
40 0.59mm X Clear/Pink
50 0.67mm X Clear/Pink
60 0.75mm X Clear/Pink
80 0.86mm X Clear/Pink
100 1.03mm X X Clear/Pink
130 1.137mm X Clear/Pink
150 1.198mm X Clear/Pink
180 1.530mm X Clear/Pink
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