Major Craft JigPara Tungsten Jigs


  • Available in 40, 50 & 60g Sizes
  • Tungsten jigs 70% more dense than lead
  • Less than 2.5″ long, perfect to match tiny bait
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The Major Craft TG jigs are a new addition to out market since the US is only starting to slowly see tungsten being used in lures while it has already become a big deal in Japan with many companies jumping on board. Tungsten is heavier for the equivalent size compared to lead so it makes a lot of sense to make jigs out of it. The only downside is the higher raw material cost and the difficulty of manufacturing with tungsten since it has the highest melting point out of all metals. We think the cost is well worth it considering these lures perform better and give you a much better chance of getting bit when the predators are feeding on small anchovies or smelt. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a school of fish boiling on the surface and not touching a single bait or lure which has been common this year with the bluefin and dorado. Another added benefit is being able to fish heavier leaders while still being able to cast well, which opens up the possibility of catching bigger bluefin on the same jigs.

We’ve had a lot of small bait in the water the past few years and when the tuna, yellowtail and dorado are feeding on them it is hard to get a bite. Larger bait and jigs don’t match the size they’re feeding on, and smaller jigs are generally too light to cast easily which leaves only a few options for guys. One option that grew in popularity has been clear lures since they show a smaller silhouette, but the downside is that they are often not as durable as jigs and are even harder to cast due to how large the volume of the poppers. The best option and something you definitely need in your tackle box are tungsten jigs, they are much more dense than lead making the equivalent length jig much easier to cast. They also have the added benefit of being more durable than typical lead jigs since they are less prone to bending.

Depending on the species you’re going for I would change the hooks out accordingly, the stock small assists will work just fine for dorado, smaller yellowfin, bonito and so on. If you’re targeting bluefin I would go with a larger single assist at the front or a single ringed short shank J hook like an Owner Gorilla.

Weight Length Front Hooks Rear Hooks
1.41oz (40g) 2.17″ (55mm) Double Assist hook x 1 No hook
1.76oz (50g) 2.36″ (60mm) Double Assist hook x 1 No hook
2.12oz (60g) 2.48″ (63mm) Double Assist hook x 1 No hook

40g, 50g, 60g


Iwashi, Blue Pink, Zebra Glow

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