MagBay Wahoo Bomb Lures


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  • Available in 7 Colors
  • Integrated Stainless Siwash Hook
  • Mylar & Rubber Skirts
  • Spinner Blade


MagBay has made a ton of great wahoo lures in the past and they’ve been missing the classic wahoo bombs until now. They’ve made some changes to improve the rigging with the addition of a spinner blade. Each lures has both mylar and rubber skirts so you have the flash of the mylar to get bit and the durability of a rubber skirt that adds to the performance of the lure. They’re the perfect size at 6 inches and around 6 ounces total which makes them super easy to cast and retrieve quickly to get a bite. These bombs have an integrated hook that is attached to the head instead of being wired through like the Catchy bombs, this makes them a bit more durable with less sliding around. These don’t come with a wire leader so you’ll need to crimp your own, we’d recommend 90-135lb range 7-Strand wire and at most 3 feet. Make sure you use darker crimps and rings as well as camo or dark wire that way the wahoo will go after your lure and not your connections.

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