MagBay Frequent Flyer Lures


  • Pre-Rigged with Tuna Ready Hooks & Leader
  • Large 12″ Size
  • No Kite Required

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Here’s another useful lure from a fishing focused firm, oriented to what’s been working in our waters.  MagBay’s Frequent Flier was formally introduced at ICAST 2021. These mimic our West Coast large sized fliers, big meaty chunks of delicious flying fish for tuna that have grown tired of eating 2 eyes and a wiggle for forage (lots of small ‘chovies out there). The baits are about 12 inches in length, come professionally rigged.  They have built in flotation within the body so they stay on top. The wings are made to fold and get out of the way of the hooks once bit.  The wings also have a stiff but flexible rod thru them helping to maintain form.  These are not really made for use off a kite, though one could if desired. The lighter weight and smaller 8” fliers would be preferred off a kite, as would a “zombie” once-live popsicle bait.  So, if you run this lure on the drift you’ll end up with these off one side of the boat and the kite rigs on the other –  more baits in the water = more fish caught. The main method of fishing these meaty, realistic lures is while you’re on a drift, allowing the lure to move away from the boat, resting in “clean” water where the tuna are less wary of coming up to the surface for a meal.  Frequent Fliers run $125, and while not inexpensive consider the cost of purchasing frozen or catching live flying fish.

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