MagBay El Sincero High Speed Trolling Lures


  • Available in 8 oz, 16 oz & large 34 oz sizes
  • Great action for high speed trolling works at 15+ knots
  • Perfect for wahoo & marlin
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Some more very nice options for wahoo trollers.  MagBay made a very good name for themselves by way of the MagTrak trolling lures.  Very effective lures, run true in a wide range of conditions at speed.  They are a very good option when fishing aboard one of the long range boats heading down to the Ridge or Alijos Rocks in search of wahoo.  While Nomad’s DTX Minnows have gained a deservedly good following over the past few years, they are far more speed dependent and will not run well unless the boat’s skipper gives some consideration to boat speed and conditions.  In many instances, the DTX’s won’t run well tight on the corners of the boat, only on the middle lines which are further back.  That’s where the MagTrack and the new El Sincero come into play.  The Rigged El Sincero Wahoo trolling lures are made for speed, and made to be noticed.  These lures are made from STAINLESS STEEL, and feature an easy to use skirting mechanism for ease in replacing the tinsel and underskirt. They will run well in any position on the boat, straight, true, and they will draw strikes.  The head of the lure is “open faced” which helps the lure run well at very high speeds, creates a bubble trail and noise to draw fish into the spread. They will HELP ALL OTHER LURES IN THE SPREAD get noticed.  That is a big plus for these noisy lures.  The lures are pre-rigged on 400# cable with stainless steel hooks of appropriate size (9/0 for 16 and 32 oz lures and 8/0 for the smaller 8 ounce lure).

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