LM Tuna Tuff Lead Heads

  • Perfect lead heads for tuna, big ling cod and yellowtail
  • Strong forged hooks provide much more pulling power
  • Heavy sizes: 1 oz, 1 1/2 oz & 2 oz
  • Bait keeper bar to keep swimbaits in place


Last year’s tuna run was pretty interesting.  Lot’s of anglers discovered the merits of fishing Plastics on the Slide.  It produced a lot of fish, often larger fish since the bait presentation was deeper.  The only  downside was that the hooks made for catching 10-15 lb. fish could have some issues with 30# albacore, especially when fished on heavier lines.  Leadheads for tuna require a lot more strength than the bass-style product.  So, Strike Master came up with an albie strength hook just for the “sliders”.  The bigger hook rig is only available with the unpainted head as shown above.

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