LM Squid Catcher

  • Rigged with heavy mono & 5 squid hooks
  • Ends in a snap to easily attach weight


A couple years ago ago we had a guest speaker at the shop.  Jeff Marsilio skipper of the Old No.7 and also a commercial squid fisherman when the charters aren’t booked gave us the low-down on fishing white seabass and making squid.  He introduced us to a new product which he discusses on the video we made of his presentation. It took us a few weeks to get the product here, and it’s something you’re going to want if you are in water’s posses squid, the things we call “candy bait.”  There’s no better bait in the sea, certainly no better bait for white seabass.  If you fish from a private boat and target the big croakers, buy a couple of these catcher rigs and a good underwater bait-light.  You’ll find the combination invaluable.

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