LM Crazy Daizy Chains


  • Daisy chain rigged with a mini Bait-O-Matic for a deeper dive
  • Color matched heads for the best presentation
  • Fully rigged and ready to fish
  • Work great for albacore, yellowfin & bluefin
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Our clients in Northern California, Oregon and Washington are getting into tuna this year in a big way. Federal closures of the salmon have necessitated some guys switching over to what those in the know have been doing for years. The albacore up north are a better grade of fish than what we’ve commonly caught down here, both in terms of size and table-fare. Albacore have a smaller mouth (and longer wings) than yellowfin tuna, and are well known for munching smaller bait and lures. The small hoochi chain from Strike Master has long been a popular private boater lure for these fish. A few weeks ago the owner of Strike Master was talking with the fellow who made his boat (Harold Davis) who mentioned that he’d like the chain made weighted. Well, StrikeMaster has offered their mini-Bait-O-Matic for some time…he did some thinking…came up with a dandy idea. Use the mini-Bait-O-Matic as the trailer with four weighted hoochies in front. Now you’ve got a weighted hoochi chain with a deep dropping, deep planning head. Great Idea!. This is a wonderful new lure for private boaters trying to keep their smaller chains under the water’s surface. Great for sloppy conditions, great for running additional lines tangle-free off the stern of a smaller boat, too.

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