LM Bait-O-Matic Lures


  • Trusted & proven high speed trolling lures for wahoo, sharks, marlin & tuna
  • Available in 9 oz & 16 oz sizes
  • Fully rigged & ready to fish
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These excellent lures are a preferred trolling lure for wahoo and thresher sharks, big thresher sharks. A mackerel or strip-bait usually is attached to a front hook, the rear hook usually left to swing free – though this is far from required. (picture left: bottom to top, Pink Lady 16 oz, Pyro – rigged 9 oz, Sable P/B 16 oz)The BOM may be trolled at a rapid pace or slowed way down, it’s stable at speeds well over 5 knots. The design of the heavy lead head digs the lure deep. Many successful anglers will run one or more of these big lures off a downrigger as well as straight off the stern. It’s a very successful thresher technique. Don’t think that these lures only catch sharks, they’ve also produced many other catches for anglers, like tuna, wahoo and marlin. It’s one of the most effective wahoo lures available.   I’m stocking the Bait-O-Matics in several new  colors, two sizes, with or without rigging. Rigged lures feature two big 10/0 hooks on 250 lb. 49 strand cable.

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