LineOff Line Remover

  • Use any drill to quickly de-spool any of your reels
  • Works for both spinning & conventional reels
  • Great for stripping monofilament or braided line


Here’s a really simple and effective accessory most anglers can use. The LineOff is made for removing and ultimately recycling your used fishing line. It has been endorsed by several environmental groups, such as Ocean Watch, Ocean Conservancy, Florida Fish and Wildlife. Field and Stream Magazine gave ’em a “Hero’s of Conservation Award” in march ’07.

It’s a simple device, clamps onto most any household drill. It’s a patented design, so really while there may be some similar contraptions, none are as easy or effective to use. You can follow this link to see a demonstration, but really it’s a no brainer to operate. Loosen a wingnut and insert your line, put it on your drill and give it a spin. Your line is removed in record time. Now, remove a wingnut and the thing comes apart, making disposing and recycling your line simple.