Katch Keeper Hook, Lure & Line Holder

  • Available in Small & Large Sizes
  • Colors Include Black, Red & Blue
  • Perfect way to protect your rod grip
  • Keeps sharp hooks safely out of the way


So, you’re out fishing, have a couple rigs, one for bait and one for tossing iron. You have ’em both rigged, a lure and a hook hanging from their respective rods/reels. What do you do with the hooks dangling from the lure, what about the bait hook rig – what do you do with the hook?  Well, some might gouge the hypalon from the rod grip (though I’d never make that sacrifice) or some might just use one of the rod’s guides as a hanging point. How about when you’ve cut off the hook and just have dangling braid or mono? Tie onto a guide? All these options can carry some risk and if you accidentally damage a rod guide it can be both expensive to repair or it may cost you a fish…before you spend $30 or more fixing what you’ve done.  Here’s a simple solution, a pretty creative idea in my estimation.

There’s a better way to secure your rigs, safer, more convenient, with no downside risk.  Grab a few of these simple lure, hook and line holders. The product is made from durable Delrin material, with a larger space for inserting a hook and a round rubber grommet on the side for holding line.  There are two sizes, the small model is dandy for your inshore and freshwater rigs with the rubber grommet handling up to 30# line. The large size will handle 80-100# mono, and of course the hook keep will take larger hooks easily, 7/0-9/0.

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