JYG Pro Deep Series Slow Pitch Jigs


  • Available in 3 Sizes & 4 Colors
  • Longer Sleek Design for Deeper Drops
  • Holographic & Glow Patterns
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The Deep series of jigs has a longer sleeker shape making them great for deeper drops, if you’re going out on the sport boats fishing down to 300ft or more then these will let you stay vertical much easier than most other jigs we offer. We go up to a 400g size which is a big over 14 ounces making them great for the bigger bluefin when rigged appropriately. Since they are a bit slimmer they will be less affected by current when compared to other wider vertical jigs, but they will still maintain a great action when jigged. We stock the popular colors which all include glow patterns making them great for fishing at night as well. I would be using the 300g and 400g for the bluefin at night, bring a small light to recharge the glow every few drops and they will work better than most jigs out there. They’ll drop fast even when fished on larger tuna reels, making it easier to get reaction bites when fishing heavier line.

These jigs come unrigged giving you the most options to customize them for your application, for slow pitch jigging I would use a pair of lighter wire traditional double assist hooks and for bigger species or tuna I would move up to a slightly heavier wire single hook on each side that way you have a bit more coverage and strength to fish heavier drag ratings.

From the Manufacturer: The DEEP Series is our flagship collection. These JYGs are the first to be designed, tested, and brought to market. They are symmetrically constructed with an unbalanced weight distribution towards the bottom of the lure to increase the flutter action. We use UV reflective paint with hyper glowing pigments for ultimate attraction in deep water.

Ideal conditions include depths ranging from 100ft to 800ft, based on the weight of the JYG. Because of its shape, the current makes an impact. The ideal current speeds range from 1 kt to 3 kts.

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