Izorline Solid Spectra


The first to bring spectra to the offshore fishing game in the late 80’s, Izorline is a leader in braid manufacturing. Featuring a 100% spectra weave Izorline braid is thin and strong by design, with fewer strands to aid in local California techniques like kelp and grass cutting rigs. Available in natural white & dark green.

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First on the list of great new product innovations from Izorline is their fantastic SPECTRA.  This is the super line you’ve been hearing about, it’s incredibly strong for it’s diameter.   It is redefining the way we think about fishing – both in terms of equipment and the potential for accomplishing things beyond our reach prior to it’s introduction.   Izorline’s Spectra offers anglers some excellent benefits:  it’s incredibly strong, has a tiny diameter, and extremely long service life.   While it’s expensive, and for good reason (due to the manufacturing process), it will save you cash over the long run. What the long range fishermen discovered, was that they could use smaller gear, higher test strength, and still maintain excellent line capacity with this product. It’s common for folks to use 300-500 yards of 50-80 lb. Spectra on a 16S, then put on a top-shot of 50-60 lb. mono, up to 100 yards, or more. Then when it’s time to change the mono, keep the Spectra. By the third time, you’ve evened the cost differential. After the third line change, you are making money. And, you will find yourself using the same Spectra for well over EIGHT years! (I only say EIGHT, because that’s the oldest we’ve been able to check – the stuff has been field tested by Izorline for eight years now). Spectra is another product designed for Space and Military application, that’s now hit the consumer market. It’s space age science in fiber construction. It is awesome stuff, well worth the money.

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