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Izorline keeps coming out with useful products. They make strap and harness systems that are obviously designed by fellow fishermen. Their tools are some of the most practical on the market for our application. And, their gloves are one of the niftiest items I’ve seen in a long time. The three straps listed below serve some essential purposes. To help you keep your rods together, safe, and easy for transport to and from the boat, the Rod Sling holds your rods, securely attached with velcro straps, with a sling to use over your shoulder while carrying. Next, Izorline’s Rail Strap attaches to your reel, and helps keep your valuable rod from taking a dip. This is an essential item to use on all trolling rods, especially if you are working the water alone. The last item offered is another dandy tool, Izorline’s Reel Shoulder Strap. This item clips on your reel, allowing security and aided fish fighting. You can still work your rod, cast, and have extra pull when fighting a big fish. It’s also a good security tool, while lazily working a bait, never being sure when the big dawg will come up and take you for a turn around the boat.

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