Izorline Hollow Core Braid


Izorline hollow spectra is uncoated and easy to splice, it is thinner in diameter than most lines on the market because if its 12 strand design which lays flat when spooled on a reel. Izorline has been a leader in spectra manufacturing since the late 80’s and all of their braid is proudly made in the USA.

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This version of Izorline’s great spectra product deals with the only negative I’ve ever encountered with the product.  If you are planning on running heavy mono, like 130# to 200# stuff you are going to have some issues with standard size guides.  Your knot diameter may present a problem unless you are running Wind-On style guides (meaning BIG ONES). There are two solutions, either go with pre made wind-on leaders or use the hollow core spectra and rig your leader inside the Spectra. 

We’ve always stocked Izor’s 135# in the hollow form, lies down better, allows greater spooling capacity. So, that’s been the product we’ve been spooling for folks since 1997. Izor has upgraded their Spectra line-up to include more hollow core, given the advent of better quality rigging needles, like Daho offers, we now have hollow core options at 60, 80, 100 and of course the 130 and 200# level.

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