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These innovative swivels are clear, very clear, transparently clear, made from a copolymer material (based upon Fluorocarbon technology). This stealthy design is invisible in water, unlike conventional metal swivels, so fish can’t see the InvisaSwivel and shy away from your line! At present there are four sizes of these trick swivels, with some larger ones coming in the future as well as 3-way swivels. Each pack provides five swivels, in 12#, 25#, 35# and 55# sizes. In the near future we’ll have 80#-200# sizes available. The InvisaSwivel is virtually indestructible. They will not break like an ordinary metal swivel. You can take the 55 pound swivel and tie 80# line onto either end and tug for all your worth. We did, the darn thing did not break. The swivels are almost invisible in water. They don’t reflect light or shine – the manufacturer refers to this a Fluoro-Clear invisibility, for good reason. The swivel has neutral buoyancy. It’s made from an industrial resin compound that will perform at a very slow sink rate. Therefore the swivel will not tug on the line at all. Rig these in a Carolina rig, you’ll note that your presentation will be a lot more natural. For rigging your leader to straight Spectra or braid you can get by with simply tying an improved clinch knot!

InvisaSwivel . . .
Swivel Strength (lb/kgs) Length (mm) Width (mm) Max Line Dia. (mm)
12/5.5 15 4 0.45
25/11.4 19 5 0.60
35/15.9 24 7 0.80
55/25 29 8 0.90
80/36.3 29 8 1.10
100/45.4 36 9 1.40
150/68 41 11 1.60
200/90.7 45 12 1.70
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